CLIFF RICHARD - No Power In Pity Lyrics

I don't know how to love you.
Where do I begin.
It helplessness is sinning
then here I am a sinner
guilty of sin.

I don't know how to help you
Your trouble goes so deep
You're about to lose your life
and here I am dejected
'cos I love a night of sleep.

Love one another you said
come together as one.
I'm just a servant, Lord
yet you made me a son
Sometimes I'm troubled
by the things you make me see.
But no matter how I feel, Lord
here am I send me.

So I leave the world behind me
and enter this domain.
I'm staggered by the gulf
between us.
I can see your sickness
but I don't feel your pain.

Pity's got no power
compassion has the heart
Jesus, keep me mindful
that it's you who does the
and it's we who need to
play our part.