WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - I Lost On Jeopardy Lyrics

Oh-oh-oh-ohI was there to match my intellect on national tvAgainst a plumber, oh, and an architect, both with a phdI was tense, I was nervous, I guess it just wasn't my nightArt fleming gave the answersOh, but I couldn't get the questions right, -ight, -ightI lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)Well, I knew I was in trouble nowMy hope of winning sankOh, 'cause I got the daily double nowAnd then my mind went blankI took potpourri for one hundredAnd then my head started to spinWell, I'm givin' up don pardoJust tell me now what I didn't win, yeah, yeahI lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)That's right, al--you lost. and let me tell you what you didn't win: a twenty colume set of the encyclopedia international, a case of turtle wax, and a yeard's supply of rice-a-roni, the san fraO treat. but that's not all. you also made yourself look like a jerk in front of millions of people. you brought shame and disgrace to your family name for generations to come. you don't get toBack tomorrow. you don't even get a lousy copy of our home game. you're a complete loser!Don't know what I was thinkin' ofI guess I just wasn't too brightWell, I sure hope I do betterNext weekend on the price is right, -ight, -ightI lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)I lost on jeopardy, baby
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