WILL SMITH - Uuhhh Lyrics

Can you feel it baby kel spencer uhTake me awayFlow crazy make em say kel uhMake it hotTake me awayFlow crazy make em say uhUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahBeen to the mountain top down to the valleyIlladelph to caliY'all feel me like harry felt sallyClothes exoticFlows eroticNo jewelsThat's for them fools who ain't got itWrapped to my own sitcomNow I just sit calmWatching y'all respond to my july 4 bomb oohYeah I'm a nice kidBut heres some advice kidDon't get me hyped I set it off like my wife didPlan down pat like sajakWheel of fortune awayPrice ain't right I don't playFind yourself in jeopardyThe first clueWhat is will smithHot to def not youI'm like a porsche you a pintoYou like a tiny figurine I'm monumentalYou like a small get together on your neighbours back porchYou know just a couple of y'all I'm a million man marchAttack of the man in blackLike jordan playing on a trainYo my game on trackMad iceFor my wifeNo care for what it costedHad to ease up thoughHer wrists got frost bitMy style flavour deliveryMy addictionGetting medieval like du in pulp fictionYou want someBring itCome one come all come anyWatch me take there hard a way like pennyI can take twelve rappers and put em in lineThen twelve emcees that think they can rhymeThen twelve more brothers that still ain't signedThen don't do nuthin just watch em declineGangsta hardcore menace to societyRap's all the same my pen spits varietyEclecticism is a virtueIt may not be a word but it's definitely a virtueRappers approaching me all across americaBelieve me you don't wanna battle like ericaI was in the game before publishing was an issueYour platinum now but next year I'm gonna miss youMad rappers like bad actors should have no partsWanna be mad check the chartsAny of emOh don't see my nameYou don't see my spotHeres a hintLook closer to the topCan you feel it baby kel spencerTake me awayFlow crazy make em say kel uhMake it hotTake me awayFlow crazy make em say uhCome onUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahUh ahKel spencerLove n loyaltyYoYo the flow sprayVeto sayI'm trying to liveAnd if I catch you out of bounds it's cheap shots to the ribsLove n loyalty dog do it how pac and big did itIt's the wild wild east in me keeping me jig wit itPlay no gamesThirst to heat the rhymeMotivationBecause procrastination is the thief of timeHolding a torchI was programmed to scorchCan't run with the big dogs then stay on the porchThese cats is craftmaticHand on the steering wheelRocks from the rollBlonded oncoming trafficManhandle rappersDismantle rappersGot lukewarm slash sweet scented candle wrappersAny teams posing a threat we defeat thoseThe wealthy man is the man who knows how to keep thoughAs long as y'all play foul I'm a keep it in free throwsCrush spanish mummies calling me helitoRemember lego blocksAll about the paper nowI use writer's blocks to build sky scraper styleCats rocking the same flows every day cause they lameTrue players gotta change their uniform after the gameY'all seen the flowLike y'all never seen beforeDon't stop for the doughWhy you think green mean goBaby learn life's lessonsScratch regressionKel spence the truthThe answer to all questionsCome onUhWill smith damn kel you kinda good
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