Marvin Sapp - Worship Medley Lyrics

I worship You, Almighty God,
there is none like You.
I worship You, oh Prince of Peace,
that is all I long to do.
I give you praise for You are my righteousness.
I worship You, Almighty God;
there is none like You.

There Is None Like You
(written by Lenny LeBlanc)

There is none like You,
no one else can touch
my heart like You do.
I could search throughout eternity Lord and find, there is none like You.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
(Public Domain)

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There's just something about that name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
let heaven and earth proclaim
Kings and Kingdoms
Shall all pass away
There's something about that name
but there's something about that name
for there's something about that name
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