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CELINE DION - Too Young At Seventeen Lyrics

Quoi, déj? ,on était si bienJe ne comprends rien? ton coeurQuoi, déj? ,plus rien ? se direTu n'as pas pu mentir ? mon coeurToi surtout que je voyaisComme on voit le soleilToi partout o? je passaisMes heures les plus bellesTrop naïve,,ce qui m'arrive,on dirait que je suis,What? , already? ,we were so wellI don't understand a thingTo your heartWhat? , already? ,nothing else to say to each otherYou cannot have lied to my heartYou especially that I was seeingLike we see the sunYou everywhere where I was spendingMy most beautiful hoursToo naive,,what happens to me,we could say I am,Trop jeune ? dix-sept ansTrop tendre aussiTrop jeune ? dix-sept ansToo young at seventeenToo tender alsoToo young at seventeenJ'ai jou? ? ne plus être enfantMais toi tu ne jouais pasC'est moi qui voyais trop grandEt je paie aujourd'huiD'avoir rêv? ma vieI played to no longer be a childBut you were not playingIt's me who saw too bigAnd I pay todayFor having dreamt my lifeTrop jeune ? dix-sept ansTrop tendre aussiSi vieille ? dix-sept ansTristeSi triste,ce soirTrop jeuneToo young at seventeenToo tender alsoSo old at seventeenSadSo sad,tonightToo youngVivre comme avant,t'oublier,Me passer de toi,M'endormir,me réveillerEt ne plus penser ? toiOu faire semblant de sourireJe ne saurais pasLiving like before,.forgetting youTo do without you,.Falling asleep,waking upAnd no longer think about youOr doing like I'm smilingI wouldn't knowTrop jeune ? dix-sept ansTrop tendre aussiTrop jeune ? dix-sept ansTriste,si triste,Triste,si triste,Ce soirToo young at seventeenToo tender alsoToo young at seventeenSad,so sad,Sad,so sad,Tonight
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