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Toy-Box - Romeo And Juliet Lyrics

It's a lot like
Romeo and Juliet
And it feels like
Something's happening to me (x2)

Romeo and Juliet (x2)

In the summer time,
I met a guy
He was so fine
He blew my mind

My friends are telling me
"Girl he's a loser"
But they can't see

(Chorus) (x2)

Romeo and Juliet (x3)


From the first time
I saw his eyes
There was sunshine
Everytime he walks into the room
I feel my heart go boom boom boom

(Chorus) (x2)

Romeo and juliet (x3)

There was a time,
When I was young
And love it felt so strong
Now it comes back to me
Whats going on

(chorus) (x5)

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