Ultramagnetic MC's - E-state Gangster Lyrics

i got 1 for all u
gash searchers

cum to abington in the E-state
were the gangsters roll
and the dealers debate
ill play u like a game
put ur mum n dad n sister to shame
wen dey realise u lost dis battle
and ur the only 1 to blame
ur gal says i got magic like harry potter
ull b watchin me in the winnin stand like a trainspotter
they also call me the numba 1 gladiator
the 1 and only god creator
im hard like a nut
yet sweet like candy
its nt my fault u was drunk on 1 shandy
il leave u left for dead,wait 4 the pain 2 start to spead
from ya toes to the top of ya head
the doctor told ya the bullet went thro a nerve at speed
u cnt use ya penis n it hurt wen ya peed
cus it cum out ya anal
u fink dis is painful?
jus wait for my flyin fists cus i got crane full

so remember wen u go down bouverie walk
dnt look left or right n dnt talk
b cus dis is best
do u want spikey to cum out n put a samarai thro ur chest
ull try run out the phil square
see tobias n think hes a bear
is it a monster?is it a machine what shall we do?
oh no wait its jus drewe
run for ur mutherfukkin lives
cus hes b buzzin like fukkin bee hives
if ya feelin big n if ya proud
cum to the E-state bt u mite nt b aloud
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