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Ween - I Play It Off Legit Lyrics

talkin' to some joe
hangin' out shootin' shit
tries to tell me somethin'
i play it off legit
so pleasant when the sails
of the seas of orion gently slip
no need for god's sorrow
i play it off legit

dude's hounding this bitch
i'm checkin' out the shit laughing
later on i'll fuck her
she knows i'm legit
a sexy scorpion that stings her with wit
i play it off legit
'cuz i know i'm legit

my ma bought me a cool shirt
when i wear it i'm the shit
i'm really not that legit
my ma bought it
i clapped when i saw her
when i found her, you split
when i'm on the go
you know i'm legit
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