Jill Sobule - Joey Lyrics

Joey, Joey...

Joey was the IT girl at just fifteen
She had short blonde hair that was slightly teased
She made the older men sweat when she danced on TV
Doing the frug, doing the monkey

Joey got a start in the night club scene
Even though she studied ballet under Balanchine
She could take a swan dive if you know what I mean
Doing the Jerk and the Watusi

Joey had a spot on Dean Martin's Show
She even went to 'Nam with the USO
She fell in love with a famous football pro
They liked to Jerk, they like to monkey

All she ever wanted was your love and respect (she ever)
Isn't that the same thing that we all want, Joey, Joey

I remember Joey in a mattress ad
I guess around this time was when things got bad
When her husband got arrested she looked so sad
Doing the frug, doing the pony (yeah, yeah)

Yesterday in line at the A&P
I saw Joey on the back of Star magazine
They said she's using again and she still won't de[tox]
She's got the Jerk, she's got the monkey

All she ever wanted was your love and respect (she ever)
You can stay at my place if you want to, Joey
Joey, Joey, Joey...
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