David Haas - The Name of God Lyrics

Refrain: I will take the cup of life, praising God's name all my days.

1. How can I make a return for the goodness of God?
This saving cup I will bless and sing, and call the name of God!

2. The dying of those who keep faith is precious to our God.
I am your servant called from your hands, you have set me free!

3. To you I will offer my thanks and call upon your name.
You are my promise for all to see, I love your name, O God!

Alternative refrain: "Our blessing cup"

Our blessing cup is a communion with the blood of Christ

Alternative refrain: "What return can I make?"

What return can I make for all God gives to me?

Alternative refrain: "In the land of the living"

In the land of the living, I will walk with God all my days.
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