Chris Brown - You Lyrics

Now every girl i been with (been with) after you baby it just aint the same no no no no no no
you see i had a girl and her name was Nicki but she left me cause i called her your name (no no)
Now i been on that rebound tip i cant believe that you got me feeling like this
And every other morning its your face that i miss
Man your boy sick cause shawty was a .... and i was on that bull when i was with

Girl when i was with
Girl with
Girl when i was with

Now every other phone call its one of my dogs
(Man i just seen keisha and nicki in the mall)
So wat did she have on
Gucci jeans baby tee
air force ones never done
yeah,man please dont tell me no more
Man my heart is so sore i wanna reclaim her
But you know its nothing that i would put u through
And its nothing that i wouldnt do
Man my mama loved you
Its my fault i wasnt true
But i was on that .... when i was with

Girl i know ita way too late
To even say im sorry babe
I wanna pick up the phone
But inside my heart i know im wrong
And i still wanna be your man
But i've gone it through time to time again
This roaf that im traveling on
will leave me lost and all alone

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