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Paradise Lost - Crying For Eternty Lyrics

Lying here alone and cold
And I'm waiting for the dawn
Laughter at my every move
As I crippled by my thoughts
And I'm burning cold, burning cold
you prevail in the end
(Unlike your God's obscenity)
Hating the disgrace
(Of a child's insanity)
I'm taken all the more
And I'll take all that I see
You'll do it all for me
(Is this the end - it cannot be)
All the more, you feed off my rejection
All the more, I tear your soulin two
Lonely are my tears of pain
And I'm runished by their cause
I'll rest on my burning throne
A release I move to wards
Is eternal sleep, all the more,
I battle through the heartache
All the more, I'd lay myself to rest
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