R. Kelly - Rollin' Lyrics

Im back Niggas
Ya'll thought I was gone?

Coming out them [?] colored candied doors
Catch me hopping up and down on 24's
I be rollin
I be rollin
I be rollin
When I was down you bitches didn't want to be my friends
And now I'm rollin all you bitches want to hop in
I be rollin
I be rollin
I be rollin

I'm going toot toot, beep beep
Pulling up on them wheels now
All black [?]
And a shoty much like a seal now
Got them cars in my garage
No less than a mil now
Kellz about to take the bar
And I'mma set it real high
Double take, double take
When I roll up to the club
Players hate, players hate
When I walk up in the club
I got them shades on doing about 75
Just call me speed racer cause I'm rollin in at mach 5
Ya'll niggas aint fucking with me
And I put a mil on it
Niggas and bitches they lie
But home boy them stats don't
R & B Boss
Hussling like Rick Ross
Man my flow is so raw,
So niggas don't piss me off
I'm a player homie and that's a well known factor
Plus the wheels on that coup got it looking like a tractor
Take my ice hold it up
Then my city toss it up
Chi town, summer time
Kellz got traffic backed up


Yellow ice
Cash money, I got cash money
Just to hear them horses go
I spent that cash money
As for the haters, they ass funny
My money like a road block
So watch how you roll roll your crash dummy
I'm rolling in, I roll and bounce, I roll and stop
Roll slow motion, then I let the beat drop
Honies love it when I roll up on them wheels
Top down, looking fly,
Climbing on them wheels
I got them 24's on that coup
You know they chop and spin
Put an S on my maybach cause that's my super benz
I own a nightlight shining when I roll through
Hop out that Zerogi 101 color Smurf blue
Silver bullet Lex Jeap parked out at my beach home
Think I'm from the swamp the way I step out with them gators on
On the hood of that old school, I be smoking trees on it
Just copped a Cadillac, I'm about to throw some D's on it

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