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Sam Cooke - Win Your Love For Me Lyrics

Wo oh oh oh little girl
How happy I would be
If some miracle could win your love for me [x2]

Win your love for me [x2]
wo oh oh oh oh oh oh win your love for me

Many's the day I've longed for you,
to hold you in my arms
Many's the night I've cried for you,
for your many charms
If you'd only come to me,
my heart wouldn't be full of sorrow
But not all I can do is hope and pray
that you'll come to me tomorrow


To me you are so beautiful, beautiful as a song
and whenever I look at you,
my heart beat like a tom-tom
If you'd only come to me
this torch I wouldn't have to carry
and if everything goes right,
to the church we will go to marry

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