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Carly Simon - DamnYou Get to Me Lyrics

(carly simon)

Heywhen I say things that bother you
Don't be a stubborn man
Don't leave me in the cold
Remember who I am
Damnyou get to me
When I can't get to you
No fairyou're silent and you're hurt
And all I want to do
Is know what I've done wrong
All I want to know is what to do
Damnyou get to me
When I can't get to you
There's too much long distance
In our love
And tonight I need you
Don't run awayplease let me know
How I've hurt you
Heyit's mesee I'm the lucky one
You've opened up my heart
You led me by the hand
You took me slow so I would understand
Damnyou got to me
Let me get to you
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