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Kid Down - Nothing More, Just A Lie Lyrics

Do we need to trust the lies
Can we save this fragile mind?
Insecurity made a scar
Felt a need to be apart

You've tried out, tried on many things
It doesn't mean you've failed all these years
But we're dying inside because of you
Trust me, trust everything i do.

We've fought to stand where we stand
If ruined we'll know who to blame
We cannot let this fall down
It's all just a perfect game

You left a part of yourself
A few miles down the road
Shattered pieces of happiness
That got away a long long time ago

The headlights
Will guide you
Through misery
And good things

I know
You will make it
We have to have
Faith in you

Just a line
In a diary
A line in a book

That's how
It could be
It's your own choice

The anger is so clear
Bitter-sweet feelings with no care
You can make it happen some day
By morning you always see
Days like bad memories
You can make it happen some day