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Plies - Keep It To Real Lyrics

It's a m a z i n g g to me homie
that nigga's you F_Ckkkk wit dawg
you don't know the truth about these niggas
till yall fall out. The more you show a nigga
the more dangerous he become to you homie.

I broke bread wit chu nigga showed you how I live
You talkin nigga but you donÂ’t understand
what real is
When it came to you pussy ass nigga
I would of killed but it was my fault nigga I kept it too real

we busted choppers at niggaÂ’s laid in bushes together
you had me fooled dawg I thought u was my F_Ckkkin'nigga
would of did a 100 years for ya cause I F_Ckkkks wit cha
you told me what a good heart in these streets would get a nigga
not a muthaF_Ckkkkin thing but a sad picture
hurt me when I found out you had pussy in ya heart nigga
I never thought I would say this but mutha F_Ckkkk a friend
cuz ya dawg be the one that cross you in the end
the shit I know now wish I had knew it back then
but going through it wit a F_Ckkkk nigga is what make a man
I treat ya pussy ass better than I did my own kin
when a nigga locked up or broke thatÂ’s when they claim they love you then.

[Chorus X2]

what was mine was yours but what was yours wasnÂ’t mine
if a nigga would of told me you was flow I would of thought he was lying
but every nigga gonna show his hand in due time
I kept it so muthafuckin real wit chu that I was blind
cuz I was to busy showing love I ainÂ’t see the signs
when you needed me pussy I came through every time
whether u was right or wrong F_Ckkkk nigga I was riding
but u envied me nigga in the back of yo mind
you wasnÂ’t a hunter nigga you was real part time
I broke you off nigga when them F_CkkkkniggaÂ’s wouldnÂ’t give you a dime
I ainÂ’t owe you shit I just wanted to see you shine
you never gave me shit I had my own grind and I ainÂ’t need yo choppers nigga I had my own nine
im a hunter nigga I done did me and yo time
you cant trust ya own homies who the F_Ckkkk can you trust
I got more brother an my chopper so to me thatÂ’s enough.

[Chorus 2X]

and God ainÂ’t making you fuck niggaÂ’s like he used to
a nigga IÂ’ll believe his hoe now before he believe you
and cuz u thug wit a nigga donÂ’t mean the love true
it use to matter what you and yo niggaÂ’s done been through
nigga can be ya dawg one day and turn pussy out the blue
a F_Ckkkk nigga gone do what a F_Ckkkk nigga gone do
better off running by yo self if you only knew
donÂ’t mean that nigga a hunter cuz heÂ’ll F_Ckkkking shot
and money donÂ’t mean he real cuz he got loot
if a nigga heart ainÂ’t right no telling what heÂ’ll do
and real niggaÂ’s extinct itÂ’s only a F_Ckkkking few
cause 99% of these F_Ckkkk niggaÂ’s ainÂ’t true


aye my nigga I want to thank all the pussy ass niggaÂ’s who I thought was real my niggaÂ’s
niggaÂ’s who I though was my muthafuckin homeboyÂ’s nigga
I salute you pussy as niggaÂ’s homie
cuz if it wasnÂ’t for you fuck niggaÂ’s my nigga
I still be showing love right now dawg
I still be walking through this muthafuckin blind my nigga
but itÂ’s something that yall niggaÂ’s taught me my nigga that
its ya homies my nigga
that try you the muthafuckin most my nigga
dem the niggaÂ’s you canÂ’t let hold something dawg
and they feel like they ainÂ’t never got to give it back
cause they ya muthafuckin dawg
dem the niggaÂ’s who can be tied down and locked up my nigga
and you can take care of dem niggaÂ’s for two three years my nigga
as soon as dem niggaÂ’s get out dawg they go fuck wit the niggaÂ’s
who ainÂ’t never gave em nothing my nigga
go run back to the same hoe who ain't never did nothing for em while they was locked up homie
I thank you niggaÂ’s and salute you niggaÂ’s my nigga
and wit all that said my nigga
I wanna tell you one thing for I go homie
God Bless You Pussy Ass Niggas

Thanks to Desire Slart for these lyrics
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