Bobby Bare - Dialog 3 Lyrics

Look at look at Noah how long he preach
It was years and years way back
And he built ark and built ark out of gopher wood
Talk to me ain't I right
You're right
And he preached it within and without
But the people was still frollickin' and dancin' just like they're doin' today
Oh listen hear just like they're doin' today
And we recall that we're talkin' about a woman
You know look at Sampson
Sampson was the strongest man ever was on earth
And that's why I I I warn you bout certain classes
of these women if your hair's long
Sampson they worried about Sampson's strength
Couldn't nobody find out where Sampson's strength lied
But he got foolin' round one of these concubines
See what I'm talkin'
I don't know whether you have ever
Yes I have too
Got to foolin' round one of these concubines
And she got foolin' with Sampson got foolin' with Sampson
Look at the Bull's hair over yonder look
And very he's very strong but one day he better be careful
He better be careful now
He'll lay his head in the wrong place sometime
And he'll get his head get his hair cut off
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