DREAM THEATER - One Last Time Lyrics

Music by dream theaterLyrics by james labrieNicholas:It doesn't make any senseThis tragic endingIn spite of the evidenceThere's something still missingHeard some of the rumors toldA taste of one's wealthDid victoria wound his soul? Did she bid him farewell? Victoria:One last timeWe'll lay down todayOne last timeUntil we fade awayOne last timeWe'll lay down todayOne last timeWe slowly fade awayNicholas:Here I am inside his homeIt holds the many cluesTo my suspicionsAnd as I'm standing here right nowI'm finally shown what I have always knownCoincidence I can't believeAs my childhood dreams slowly come trueAre these her memoriesAwakened through my eyesThis house has brought back to lifeAn open doorI walk on throughInto his bedroomFeeling as cold as outsideThe walls disappearTo some woman who's screamingA man pleads forgivenessHis words I cannot hear
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