Kenny Rogers - Grey Beard Lyrics

He was 9 years old when his folk left home on a wagon heading west
*And* his mom and dad knew he'd grow bad by the mark of the devil on his chest
*Seventeen* he turned up mean, he already made his bid
He had a name in the fast gun *game* and they called him “The Devil Kid."

Now the kid’s name grew and his *gun* did too
When *an old ghost town* appeared,
sitting there in the Marshal’s chair
*Was* the one they called “Grey Beard."

*Kid,* you better quit, while the *quittin's* good
‘Cause there's always one *that's* bigger
There’ll be one guy with a faster eye
Who’s lighting on the trigger.

Let me tell you son
*about* a real fast gun that every outlaw *feared*
He made his name in this killing game
*He's* the one they call “Grey Beard.”

He had a drawing hand like no other man
It was faster than the eye
And there were always plenty of kids about 20
Just couldn’t wait to die.

He was a fast gun looking to make a name
And *quickin'* was his virtue and *killin'* was *the* game.

So the kid said: “Tell me where is this man who never feared a gun”
Grey Beard raised his head and said: “You’re looking at him, son”

So the kid tried staring Grey Beard down with eyes like *ace-up* dice
And Grey beard’s frown, turned upside down to a smile as cold as ice.

So the *Devil Kid* reached for his gun with a draw as fast as light
But he lost the game to a shot that came from somewhere out of sight

And as the kid went down and he hit the ground
*Thought* he lost his mind.
He heard Grey Beard snicker I was even quicker before I went stone blind.

Fast gun looking to make a name
*Quikin'* was his virtue
*He was* killed *at his* game...

Thanks to Jim Parker for these lyrics
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