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Sweeney Todd - The Worst Pies In London (2007) Lyrics

Performed by:

Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter)

Mrs. Lovett: Wait!
Whatís your rush?
Whatís your hurry?

You gave me such a..
Fright I thought you was a ghost

Half a minute? Canít you sit?
lets Seat you down, SIT!
All I meant is that I íavenít seen a customer foí weeks

Did you come in for a pie, sir?
Do forgive me if me íeadís a liííle vague

What was that?

Bet you think we had the plague
From the way that people
Keep avoidiní

No, you donít

Heaven knows I try, sir
But thereís no one comes in even to inhale
Right you are, so would you like a drop of ale?

Mind you, I can hardly blame them
These are probably the worst pies in London
I know why nobody cares to take them
I should know
I make íem
But good? no!

The worst pies in London

Even that's polite
The worst pies in London
If you doubt it take a bite...

Is that just disgusting?
Youíll have to concede it
Itís nothing but crusting
Here drink this, youíll need it
The worst pies in London

And no wonder with the price of meat
What it is
When you get it

Thought Iíd live to see the day

Many think it was a treat
Finding poor
What are dying in the street

Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop
Does her business but I notice somethiní weird
Lately all her neighbourís cats have disappeared

íAve to hand it to her
What I calls
Poppiní pussies into pies

Wouldnít do in my shop
Just the thought of itís enough to make you sick
And Iím telliní you them pussycats is quick

No denying times is hard, sir
Even harder than the worst pies in London
Only lard and nothiní more

Is that just revolting?
All greasy?
And gritty?
It looks like
Itís moulting
And tastes like...

Well pity
A woman alone
With limited wind
And the worst pies in London!

Ah, sir
Times is hard
Times is hard!

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