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Asa - Bi’ban ké Lyrics

I wake up I see you As you leave.

I feel it, I see it As you leave

When we kiss I want deep but you're far away.

Bim ba n ke bomi ban shun Fi mi si le Bim ba n ke bo jo ba n ro Fi mi si le.

He use to be my every thing Treated me like I was a queen What spell did u cast on me ? Or is it the make believe

You say girl never be afraid of ever ever loving me Those words I hung on too Oh God I was a fool

You became my bad habit Keeping up appearances/so you could notice

Even when you suddenly picked your things And left the keys/that's crazy

Bim ba n ke bo mi ban shun Fi mi si le Bim ba n ke bo jo ba n ro Fi mi si le.

Bim ba n ke o o o o Ko Kun ba n si a fi mi sile yeMo ti foro mi fo lu wa Ko sho,ko sho wa

Iwo iwo nikan so so (3 x) o

Thanks to Owoade Adebowale. email;debonaire4real

Thanks to Tam Teibo for these lyrics

Thanks to Dare jaiyesinmi for correcting these lyrics
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