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Hannah Fogleman - God Answers Prayers Lyrics

He was driving down the road in his chevy truck, singing with the radio when it struck. The first roll of thunder shook the ground he tried his best to turn around. He turned the key, but the truck wouldn't start so he bowed his head and prayed real hard. He said, Lord please dont take my life, I have 3 children and a wife who still need me. He turned the key once more and the engine started to roar. He said a quick thank-you and was on his way as if nothing had happend that very day. The hour long drive back to his town took him only 30 minutes now. He pulled into his driveway, jumped put of his truck, ran into his house and just his luck. His family was all safe and tucked in to bed, he kissed everyone on their forhead. And said God answers prayers. Its been 10 years since that day his kids have all grown and gone away. He got a call from his son about anhour ago. He said "Dad come quick, before the snow". He made the 20 minute drive, in less than 10. He ran into his son's house and then. Looked into the eyes of a beutiful baby girl, her hair was little brown whisps of curls. And he said God answers prayers, God answers prayers, oh yes God answers prayers, God answers prayers.

Thanks to Hannah Fogleman
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