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Smap - The One And Only Flower in the World (English Parody) Lyrics

No. 1 is not always what we desire
‘Cause everyone’s more special – the Only One

Well I know this song is a really good thing
Message will share within everyone’s heart
From the first time I read the words of this song
Til tears filled my eyes naturally

Out finally, this song was a number one hit
We sung as the highlight of Kouhaku Uta Gassen
All children will remember this song
And all the grown ups remember this song

It’s already three years since this song was born
We’ve already sung it more than hundred times
The fans still keep questioning us every day and night
“Can you sing us a new song?”

Yes it and everyone is

Just the one and only flower in the world
How long are we going to still sing the same one?
Can you present us in any other song?
Isn’t it the time for the next Only One!
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