Scooter - Hands Up! Lyrics

Live and direct, busy again.
Let there be rhythm, let there be fun.
We're just warming up to rock the groove.
On our journey of sound we gonna make you move.
You know what I mean.
In search for something like the next tomorrow
I've got a suggestion and I need you to follow.
Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up! Yeeeeaheah!

This is the voice from outer space,
responsible rhythm for the human race.
No return, no regret but resurrection.
We shout it out loud to get a reaction.
Jump all up, keep it up to the top.
That was then but this is now.
What a wonderful day just let yourself go.
Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up! Yeeeeaheah!
C'mon!! Allright.

Once again! Hands up!
Hands up! Hands up! Yeeeeaheah!
Writer(s): Rick J. Jordan, Jens Peter Thele, Axel Coon, H P Baxxter
Copyright: Kontor Records Gmbh, Hanseatic Musikverlag Gmbh & Co Kg
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