Girl In A Coma - Simple Man Lyrics

simple man what dirty hands you have, oh the better to leave your greasy mark on and oh ohhh how i missed you tonight your eyes were the thrill of my life and how id love to break you, take you apart tonight put you together again. simple man what dirty hands i have the better to leave my greasy mark on how i loved u tonight your words made the poem called our lives and how id love you to break me take me apart tonight put me together again. now is all we know i will wait for the train slip away keep all we know in a box til it shows .you are a simple man hold spiders in your hand, hand them to me in a simple manner say i would go through whatever for you you say dont be shy see like thats all weve come to now you say come on come on like thats all we really know it was long ago far away our world was ever yesterday but still we made our promises but still you ask for just one kiss of all the words ill ever say i hope that you would call one day i never meant to say goodbye but you'll never know youll never know simple man what dirty hands i have...

Thanks to Katie 's biggest fan-Peter
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