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Warda - Lola Al Malama (If There Is No Complaint) Lyrics

If there is no complaint,
I would have stretched my wings over love,
like a dove, and flown
and flapped my wings in space
and flown away from the world.
My days past are more than enough and I
fear the complaints and the blame.

Many times was I asked about him;
"Do you love him?"
Yes, why should I deny that.
Hard words I heard
and the floor was awash with tears.
And why? Because I loved him or
because I said I loved him?

You, my tears, are thirsty for sleep;
You, my heart, ate tired of travelling,
but think of love and you will find
that at night my heart becomes a moon.
"Are you in love?", we said; No.
None can lead a life without love.

Thanks to razvan
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