Sanchez Twins - Through Lyrics

Lost in all the love you gave me,

Take for granted all my pain,

Tell me what it is I can be,

I'm to blame.

Show me I'm the only one,

And give me all the care I need.

Hold me by your side forever,

Hear my plea.


I'm through...

I've been honest and true.

If that's not enough it's you,

I won't take the blame.

I am new...

So what are you gonna do?

Pretend that I'm into you,

I won't play your games.

Caught up in your selfish rage,

Cause you're the only one you see.

Locked up in this prison cage,

So set me free.

Controlling every move I make,

There's something wrong with this I know.

It's more than I could ever take,

I'm letting go.


I thought you were right for me,

But I was blind.

All along it's plain to see I need to say goodbye...


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