Secondhand Serenade - Tested & True Lyrics

Superstitions aren't meant for lovers
Under covers, undiscovered is your skin
I am lonely, please let me in
You're probably wondering what I was proving
Are you choosing?
Am I losing you tonight?
Is it over, over?

Are we fading?

I never wanted anything the way that I want you
But my words don't seem to matter
My words don't seem to matter
And you look at me and I can see
The lies you're running to
But my words don't seem to matter
I'd rather have you tested and true

Now you've had your chance
So lets try my way, its my day
To show you what you're missing, turn around
And feel the winds of change upon your face again
The warm breath of your closest friend
I'm waiting, I'm waiting

Are we fading?

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm scared well fall apart tonight
Under the moonlight, under the moonlight
I'm scared well never make it right
Under the moonlight, under the moonlight
Take my hand and hold it tight
Hold it tight

[Repeat Chorus]

[Thanks to Jake Luna ( for these lyrics]

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Secondhand Serenade Lyrics

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