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Ace Hood - Who Hotter Than Me Freestyle Lyrics

Chea, Ace Hoood, Gutta, (Who Hotta Than Me?)
Gutta comin soon my nigga, (Who Hotta Than ME!)
Who hotta then gutta nigga, no nigga hotta then ace hood

See, I don jumped up in the game, tell em who hotta then me,
Know you heard about the name, H double O-D the beast,
Been up in it 6 months, already BET
If your searchin for the youngin tell em watch tv
1-0 sixty Parker Rap CD is where the kid be
Swag switchin on them haters, still fuckin with the streets
Went from bein fed bound, to up in the magazines
She say have a couple a fans, not hundred thousand that scream
Ain't nobody do it wrong, they can't do it like me
Point your baddest bitch out, and bet let her fuck the team
When I step up on the scene, bet your main broad leave
She ain't kickin with a lame get some brain, I'll leave
Bet you tried and call her names, she forget who you be
Fuck nigga, I'm ACE (who?), he ain't hotter than me
Only nigga in the hood on them mink fur seats
Lamborghini doors up, see the now and later feet
Got the starbursts on my neck, jelly beans for the wrist
I'm a virus goin round, cause the jewels so sick
Take the smell of a nigga, bitch I know that I'm the shit
Who will start us in the game, on the summer jam list
Atlantic ATL, I'm on my New York shit
Got the single of the year, sucka niggas getting pissed
Spent a hundred for the chain, but I'm still up in the VIC
Homies say you getting money, flippin, servin them Buur
That's the streets bout the nigga ain't a man of his word
Pussy nigga where your money, bitch you lyin to the birds
Type a nigga go to court and tell the judge what he heard
He ain't hotter than me, and I'm sure you niggas heard
Got the streets on lock, they know the verses, every word
Every noun and every verb, bitch that's all a nigga serve
Any questions bout me, pussy nigga see the streets
One question for you niggas, now tell em what it be
Who hotter than me nigga?
Who hotter than hood nigga?
Gutta, comin soon homie
Gutta, who hotter than me nigga?

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