Gladys Knight - Mercy's Arms Lyrics

The mighty fortress walls
I have built around my foolish heart
How they crumble and they fall
As I surrender all
To mercy's arms

Bathed in holy rain
Cleansed from sinner's bitter stains
Only love remains
And I'm forever changed
By mercy's arms

Sweet the surrender
Sweet the embrace
Sweet the forgiveness
To one forever undeserving of his grace
Safely encircled
Rested and warmed
Sweet is the taste
Of love that awaits in mercy's arms

In the light, the life, the way
Is the key unlocking every chain
Sin is lost and freedom gained
The price was paid
By mercy's arms

When I reach my journey's end
How I hope that He will call me friend
And reach out for me again
Forever spend
In mercy's arms

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