Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lifes Lyrics

In my journey through the world, over land and over sea
I see different cultures and different people's ways
I was born where the sun never sets and never rises
I was born where the heat is like a second skin

Children crying on the streets, automobiles are making noise
The land is growing dry and weak, spirits dying low
The forefathers are calling me: never tire, never weaken
The pride in me is bursting loose - I'm an African boy.

On the farm my father called me down behind a tree
He said, "Prostrate at my feet and say a few prayers"
Then he told me all the stories of my brave ancestors,
"Look into my eyes son, you were born to be great"
So in the twilight I went home behind my father with a hoe
Listening to the songs of birds, whispers of the night
i was Singing:

seven goats, seven beads,
Seven cowries, seven nuts,
Seven lifes that's what I've got, I'm an African boy
Over sea, over land, over mountains and in the wild
I'll be brave and I'll be strong, I'm an African boy.

In the evening, mother called me down into her hut
She said, "Lay upon my bosom and say a few prayers"
Then she told me to go forward never looking back
"The spirits are with you and you will never fail"
So I go into the world, into the deeps, into the wild
In the market place I danced the sound of bata
Dancing -

seven jumps, seven wriggles,
Seven cowries, seven nuts
Seven lifes, that's what I've got
I'm an African boy...

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