Ray Darwin - People's Choice Lyrics

A message of love again
Me message of love again

Woh yoy woh yoy yoy

When me was a yut me granny wip me an mi skin it would a catch a fire

Nearby Fred Tune a-play inna Lynch Park and the music just blaze it higher.
Cause me coudn't leave di yard she said the dance got too much weed and rasta.

I love you granny dear but this yah generation come fi blaze it higher

You cannot deny... peoples choice..
You cannot deny... peoples choice
Open your eyes...
(people's choice..)
and feel the vibes yeah....

A message of love again.
Me said a message of again.

Almost every leader hide di truth cause them profit as a real liar.

Only reggae music like a breeze with the truth it blaze the fire..
The lessons inna life come di hard way and we slip and we still falter

But the love between we and god is solid this is just a reminder..

you cannot deny....
(peoples choice..)
You cannot deny....
(peoples choice..)
Open your eyes..
(peoples choice..)
Or feel the fii-rre....

Breeze a blow..
Fire ago blaze..
Wojay wojayy...

it's got to get better.. there is a way.. it's now or never, we see through the games they playy....
(people's choice..)
(people's choice..)

Tell me if you have a clean conscience, tell me if you have a clean hand..
Do you tek my kindness for weakness an tek me fi granted again.

A message of love again...
(people's choice..)
Me said a message of love again..
(people's choice..)
Wa bajo bajo jay...
Breeze a blow,
Me say fire ago blaze..

A message of love again..
Me said a message of love again..
A message of love again..
Me said a message of love again...

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