LIL WAYNE - Interlude Lyrics

What Up Doe?
This is No Ceilings, man, Welcome.
I appreciate you for having this, if you got this, if your listening to this.
Thank you.
First off, this is for You..You-You-You.
As always.
Is a big thank you for coming out to all the nights and days on tour.
Tours actually.
For come and supporting me every single night,
Even if you didn't come to the tour, jus-just Thank you.

And Uhm...
That's that GuddaVille playing in the background,
my nigga Gudda Mixtape, go get that shit.
And uh...
I ain't gonn' talk to much...
Ima get back to this blunt.
And you get back to the Mixtape.

No Ceilings!
Writer(s): Bryan Williams, Dwayne Carter, Bernard James Freeman, Andre Benjamin, William Hodge Jr., Jermaine Anthony Preyan
Copyright: Young Money Publishing Inc., Songs Of Universal Inc., Universal Music Corp., Emi April Music Inc., Money Mack Music, Millionaire Mantality, Ii Trill Enterprises Llc, Beamer Boy Publishing, Chrysalis Music, Wedontplayevenwhenwereplayinsongs Llc, Bughouse, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Bling Bling Music Publishing
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