Naughty By Nature - We Could Do It Lyrics

[big punisher]
Big pun baby
You miss me?

{see pun gon' singthen he gon' rhyme}
{let me lick you girl where the sun don't shine}
{i'm gon' singtreach gon' rhyme}
{let me lick you girl where the sun don't shine}

Chorus: big pun + backup singer (repeat 2x)

We can do it in the middle of the night girl
We can do it on the beach in the sunlight
We can do it anywhere that you like girl
Long as you do itand do itall night

[big punisher]
So how you like it mama? in the morning coming out the sho-wah?
How bout the middle of the nightlate after hours?
My powers be have her comin hard to godsay good muslim
From the way I crush the sunthe moonand then the stars
Punisher's large like the planets
But if you make my dick hard like janet
Then you can ride the squad transit
Trizz nathaniel to youcan you handle my crew?
Bend over by the fridge and hand me your brew
This is how we dothat's just how you do
Throw a hand in the airand scream trizz power rules
(trizz power rules) again (trizz power rules)
That means you run trainwith your whole damn crewc'mon


Dirty jerzwettin the setwith no sweat and moet
If you want the treachthere's no dick with no lickin
For you home or hubbyhow come ? make it sunny
You took off the ragso don't get mad that it's runny
I fuck with the rubbyand long stroke don't poke
Put the hooter in your cooler til your booty gets soaked
I knock it from the frontand make you look at your foot
Hit it solo from the back I might forget how you look
An old crook crashin knowin who wanna screw
I've been fuckin ever since you called it doin the do
Now who you doin it to? the fuckin screw of the crew?
Hittin somethin and drunk drivin past the boys in the blue
Talkin to you


Poo-tang..tang.. no scallywagging! now
Hit it from the illtown ground to cali alleynow
Bang it in a boogie down buildingwith no windows (bx)
With your partner riding big punpassin indo
If pun smack her ass tell her grab his gut
Cause when I pop the cockwatch the nuts erupt
Been platinumno more sleepin on latin rappin (boricua)
So get your mackin crackin and pun pass the magnum

[big pun]
It's me big pee the bachelor
Your secret garden need a weeder whacker
All I need is my gat and my black cleopatra
She the master of seduction with a classy introduction
Must be after somethin way she make that ass function
Pass the dutch and take off your boots
I'ma call my troopsand just work that caboose
Terror squad the truthwe the proof for the kids
In the coupe with the trizzwhoot! there it isc'mon

[backup singer]
Take off your clothesmeet me in the bathtub
I wanna get it onscrub a dub rub
Last night babytold me that you'd stay
And when I awake it seems like you're gone for days

Chorus (minus big pun) only *1x*

[backup singer]
We can do it in the middle of little italy
Don't worry about your manhe can't do diddily
Ohhhh... I can do it better!

[pun] senora! (senora) senorita! (senorita)

Quita te toda la ropa me amor
Quiero estan en tu contigo corazon.
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