Ashlyne Huff - Heart Of Gold Lyrics


I didnít grab my pen tonight

to wreck your name or start a fight

thereís just a couple things I want to say to you

and I knew you wouldnít sit down just to hear

so let me spell it out for your deaf ears

itís sad to say but the hearsayís more than true

youíre everything that everybody warned about

who am I to tell you what to do

youíre not the type to do what youíre told

but let me tell you youíre gonna miss this heart of gold

you seem to prefer bitter endings

the only type that your hands can hold

but let me tell you youíre gonna miss this heart of gold

can you shut up long enough

to hear what I have to say just once

weíre not gonna talk about it later now is the time

thereís nothing everywhere youíve been

you run from none to none again

I wonít be here tomorrow but you just might

youíre everything that I can live my life without


youíre gonna miss this

yeah youíre gonna miss this face

gonna miss these kisses

Writer(s): Michael Busbee
Copyright: Bmg Platinum Songs Us, Jam Writers Group, Bmg Platinum Songs
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Ashlyne Huff Lyrics

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