Nelson Freitas - Rebound Chick Lyrics

Verse 1

Got my swagga right

I'm off to the club tonight

To find me a one night thing


Been outta game for a while

But im back fresher than ever

Not about to let nobody tied me down


Cause when you left

You broke my heart

But time heal's all wounds

And noooww...

Chorus 2x

I'm looking for my rebound chick

Girl could you be it

I'm not looking for

Love love love love love

I'm searching for that rebound chick

And you just might be it

I'm not looking for

Love love love love love

Hey hey hey hey hey (3x)

Verse 2

Got my swagger right

I'm heading to the club tonight

I'm gonna get crazy stupid

Might even cross the line

I'm gonna get my drink on

And blame it on the alcohol

So please ladies

Don't you hold none of this

Against me noo noo

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus


Hey hey hey hey hey (3x)

We can have sex in the bathroom

Sex on the floor

Sex in the living room

Sex on the stove

Sex in the elevator

Ring the alarm x2

We can have sex in the Kitchen

Or on the stairways

Back of my car

Or in the driveway

Sex girl wherever you want

Ring the alarm ring the alarm

Repeat Chorus

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Thanks to Deedee for correcting these lyrics
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