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Carlos Whittaker - God Of Second Chances Lyrics

We humbly respond

To the call of Your love

Gracious Father

Like a child we run

With our arms lifted up

So let the praises rise

You’re the God of second chances

You're the God who still romances

We're in awe before You now

And our hearts are bowing down

You're the God of all the ages

Who are we that You would save us

We're in awe before You now

And our hearts are crying out

Hallelujah to our God

Hallelujah to our God

Righteous Savior

By Your wounds we are healed

Your compassion draws us here

How amazing

Is the mercy of the Cross

That You would reach out for us

So let the praises rise

You rescue with unfailing love

Hallelujah to our God
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