Alex Max Band - Tonight Lyrics

Well the sky broke in two

I found you dancing alone

Then the room filled up with you

And a song we both know

That's when you caught me with your eyes

Sending shivers down my spine

And then you whispered in my ear, you said

I can feel it too

And then you pulled me into you


Tonight, I got you where I want you

Closer I can tell you anything

You're the song that I sing

Tonight, let the music take us over

We'll fall in to forever, all is right

Cause I got you where I want you,


Through all of science and history

Well nothings ever stuck with me

But now I'm locked on to you

And I'm holding on to

The only thing I know

And now I'm never letting go


Tonight, tonight

The whole world could fall away

But you, and I

No we won't be afraid


I got you where I want you

Closer I can tell you anything
Writer(s): Alex Band, Scott Thomas
Copyright: Universal Music - Careers, Universal Music Corp.
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Alex Max Band Lyrics

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