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Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On Remix Lyrics

Turn My Swag On (Remix) by Soulja Boy[Intro: Soulja Boy (Lil Wayne)]

Soulja! (Weezy!)

[Chorus: Soulja Boy (x2)]

Hopped up out the bed

Turn my swag on!

Took a look in the mirror, said whassup

Yeeeeeah, I'm gettin' money (ohhhh)

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]

Count so much money every day is gettin' my arms swole

My swag is outer space, similar to a wormhole

Dunkin' on the game like stephon marbury.

I got red Aston Martin, I call it my strawberry

All work, no play, this is my playground

Rappers on tour but, they ridin' a Grayhound!

But they don't stay round now, my Lambo got surround sound

I'm hotter than plasma, lava, magma!

Knick-knack, paddywhack, give the dog a bone

I'm like get back, gimme dat, give the king his throne

You like knick-knack, paddywhack, give the dog a bone

I'm like get back, gimme dat, give the king his throne

Honey, I am home

Walk into the dealership, add another whip to my collection

of pink slips

I am it!

And don't forget, this, this is the remix!

[Chorus: Soulja Boy (x2)]

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]

swagga on a zillion, I'm a Loui V Don like a Loui V Camillion

House so big like I live in a buildin'

No chandeliers, I got guns hangin' from the ceilin'

Brand-new car, I divorced the top

See, homie, you a square, I'm a Porscha Box

Long hair, don't car

Holla back, bitch, I'm in the bathroom, takin' me a rich nigga shit, yeah

Gangsta to da gristle Swagga on official

I'm the shit and you, you just a maggot on a tissue

Better tell 'em I'm hotter than a Arizona missile

White Benz chrome wheels like a napkin on a nickel

Young Moolah, baby, Weezy baby, don't forget da Weezy, baby

Black card board, make ya throw away the Visa, baby

You ain't on the planet I'm on, n' I never leave my swagger...

[Chorus: Soulja Boy (x2)]
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