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Venom - You're All Gonna Die Lyrics

The cold reign of darkness-shadows the infinite shadow

Enlisting blackness to repairthe wounds

Which were succesfully administered

By the cruel curse of life's-blinding lights

Hell regurgitates devouring magma from the dank depths

Royalty or not-you're all gonna die

Catholic or not-you're all gonna die

Once more to reclaim the throne-ever more to claim heredity

Ownership of the dead and all the responsibilities

Falling helpless into the hands of no-more you

That cold lonely planet was never your real home

Rich man or not-you're all gonna die

President or not-you're all gonna die

There are those who defy the end-scream and beg for more

Dragged away and destined to scream

Whims that howl in tormented storms

No rights to be-no rights to see

Your sad epitaph shall now read as follows

Scientist or not-you're all gonna die

Satanist or not
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