112 - Guilty Lyrics

Yoí wassup?
This is your boy Jay blue, and youí listeniní to hottest Dj from Germany, DJ Stolen
Letís get Ö
Öthis should be a crime
Itís not I did something wrong
Ö too strong, you can call me criminal in love
I do my 30 days and thatís what itís ok, yeah
I never felt so good about nothing, nothing
Now all I think about is when Iím loving you
ĎCause girl, guess Iím guilty, one (can) falling in love
Guilty, Iím guilty of loving you, guilty
Whereís the whole truth
Donít need a jury, to tell me Iím falling in love
Guilty, of love, of trust, guilty
My heart is Ö. Guilty either way I feel, guilty
Every time I think about going wrong
I remember all the good times we had and bring me home
Kissing youÖ like weíre in love
Öbaby, how you killiní ?
I canít believe all you did is lying
When Iím in need now Iím your tea
One cannot fallen in love
Iím falliní, falliní, falliní, falliní
Iím falliní, yes Iím falliní
Iím falliní , falliní, falliní, falliní Iím falliní
One cannot fallen in love
Iím guilty, Ö loving you
Whereís the whole truth,
I donít need a jury,to tell my Iím falliní in love
IÖ never guilty, of love, of trust
Guilty, my heart isÖ
Baby, believe me, Iím guilty, either way youíll be
Ö bring my charge, hear my case
I confess to all the things that I say
Öfor you, always to thank you
All I am for you, I work to the task
I will always be for yourself and love you
And I donít want no one else, Iíve got you
Girl you want to change, donít take Ďem off me
ĎCause girl Iím guilty, Iím guilty, so guilty
Iím down on my knees Ö meÖ
Telling Iím falling in loveÖ guilty
So guilty, Iím guilty guilty, Iím guilty of love,
Either way I feel, guilty in love, Iím guilty in love
Iím guilty in love, Iím guilty in love
Iím down on my knees, Ö no story
Iím guilty in love, Iím guilty in love, I m guilty
Iím guilty in love, Iím guilty in love, I m guilty
Either way I feel, Iím guilty.

Thanks to Andrei