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Bow Wow - Age ain't nothing Lyrics

Uuuu Hello mama
How you’re doin’?
Heard you lookin’ for a man
I should be the one that you’re persuin’
Girl you’re rollin’ with a big dog
Ain’t no pretending you should take a low off
Fit me in your agenda
And by the way you look
And I know you like that shorty
From the look of things
You don’t get out much surely
This is something she ain’t have
Hit’em up while we’re popping text
Buy some shit out of the mall
That it's busting through the bag
Love it when I chill with her plus
I keep it real with her
Act like in the ¬Ö.
Sometimes I sell the deal with her
Attitude of a Diva man
Hot just like a fever man
Said I aint old enough
Tell that to them other lames¬Ö.

She said Boy I know you’re cute
But I gotta let you know
I’m old enough to be your mama age
I laught at it and I told her
I ain’t trippin’ on that Baby
I ain’t nothing like thes other lames
You see the watch
You see the chain
Let me open up your mind
Baby let me put you up on things
So baby girl quit fronting
Stop playing age ain’t nothing but a number

Tell me where you wanna go
I could take you many places
Money come on all .. big faces small faces
Let her meet my mama mate
She ain’t with a drama make
Put you in designer sheet
Yeah I’m talking fine things
You know I’m grown
You can with all that
I ain’t old enough
You know I got the ¬Ö
Old guys they can’t keep it up
Get my credit ¬Ö
So we can go buy anything you want
Whenever you just say
Take me baby I’m your …
And I act twice my age
And I’m far from insecure
She shops up from catalogues
Loui V Christian Dior
Act up to a diva man
Hot just like a fever man
Sain’ I ain’t old enough
Tell that to the other lames



Thanks to Jwande for correcting these lyrics
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