TEDASHII - Bury me Lyrics

(Bury me, bury me, go 'head and cemetery me)x2

Hey go'n 'head and bury me
Tell 'em cemetery me
Six feet, six deep
Tell 'em they can carry me

Look inside my coffin
You see anger you see malice
See lust on top of lust a blackened heart that's cold and calloused

Dark thoughts, ways, heart, dark forces
The Nights darker than a Bruce Wayne endorsement
Snitchin': on my heart (heart), cardiac arrest
Spirit came and gave my filthy cardiac a rest

I was dead to God, sin headlong
Wasn't ready to die, but I was dead wrong
Now I'm dead and gone, me and my old ways
Even my foreign rights would take me back the wrong way

And no way, I ain't going back
Fill my pillowcase with dirt and let me take a nap (sleep),
Put my sin to sleep, execute my flesh
Tell my worldliness to lay it down and take a rest

Hook x2

The old me is dead
I ain’t never comin' back
So go and get my coffin and suit up in all black
I promise you can (bury me)
Hey go ahead and (bury me)
If you wanna you can (bury me)
I'm dead and gone so (bury me)

Okay, you can bury me
Go'n 'head and bury me
Sinner from beginner
So my wages cemetery me

Try to do good, gave my all just like a charity
But good works like a casket they just box me in and bury me
Found life in the Word, minus Webster's Dictionary
Now I tell the story of my life in death and thats obituary
Life ain't over but it's already gone
Now your boy crossed over but I'm already home

Hey somebody call my momma, go get her on the phone
Tell her Jesus rose up and showed up
Hold up, her baby gone

See everybody pass, life on this earth won't last
These cats'll take your lights and turn em off, Teddy Pendergrass
I know who keeps them breathing
Know Him because I believe Him
He bled for sin and died for men who daily choose to leave him

They deserve death and I was one of 'em baby
But He saved me and He'll raise me
So please believe me I die daily

Hook x2

I'm a loser you a go-getter
I lost that girl, homie you can go get her
I don't recommend that, I did that
Gave her my all, let me tell what she gives back

(What?) Death, I promise I'm so dead already
He changed my batteries and now your boy forever ready
I'm ever ready
When He get back
Looked death in the face and told it 'Sit back'

Now go'n and sit back
This life forever fleeting
I know you don't believe me
It's deceiving we still breathing

To perceive it can take a life
Like playin' with metal toys
Never make sense like your mind's playin' tricks: ghetto boys

Unless you seek the Lord, and His divine plan
Then you just watchin' time pass tryin' to rewind sand

The hourglass tickin'
I'm okay I'm in position
Dead to me, alive in Christ
Bury me, watch me livin'

Hook x2

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