Kardinal Offishall - Burnt Lyrics


[Lindo P talking]

Aiyyo! Ladies and gentlemen ha ha ha!!

Welcome to the team wit the mighty Black Jays yeah!!

All di wicked heart dem ... who a dat we a know!!

Bun dem up mi wuk fi di lighter ya mon!!

Yo blaze dem up burn dem up mon!!

Yeah yo Kardinal!! Heh

Ya need summa, Black Jays!! Ha-ha!

[Kardinal Offishall]

Yo! Come mi suh mek a likkle way

Here comes the Fireman and mi no play

Sounds get a little ??? from the verses that I spray

Remember I don't play and I don't take no disrespect in any way

Gangsta - I hear dem likkle punks

I see the crooked way you like to walk

But Jah Jah has a better understanding of the way I like to move

Ain't got nothing to prove and I am not wasting a second checkin you

Punk - the speakers in the trunk

The bass is overloaded feel the tump

The highs are sounding high-high super high

Watch a di man dem kiss the sky

Everything a everything so you know Kardinal don't have to lie

Nah - the world is what I want

I'm not gonna lose my flow trying to flaunt

Me nah gon' try and fit in with the Devil I am on another seat


[Chorus: Lindo P]

A me say make.. way..

Here comes the Fireman (AHH!)

With ganja hennessey all inna hand (yo)

Woman touch we pocket and take out a couple grand

Dagger pon me hip and mi ting inna hand

Whaa-whoi-whoi-whoi YOU!

Boy full time shoulda learn

You play with the fire get burn (Cho!)

Making money a blood jails dem concern

When the record deejay blaze it make it burn



Yo! I represent my crew

Some youths they love to talk until they blue

My family will look out for each other cause that's how we haffi do

We ain't talking to you or we ain't dealing with a likkle interview

WHEY!! Big up to Mr. Hakim

We controlling the scene and making green

Some people think dem haffi pay to chatter and talk all bout dem machine

I don't live in between and I am not concern with hold no magazine

CHO!! I am just who I am

I been this way since I was inna 'Brough

And naturally we all are insecure but ya haffi dash wey that fi sure

Soon as it hit the door ya haffi mek dem know say man a come fi more

YEH!! More than the rest a dem

I do not feel no ways if you no blend

Cause they will always want the righteous man

Fi bob we head and make it bend

This youth can not pretend (DASH WI DAT!!!)


[Kardinal talking]

Burn! A mi say fiiiiiiiiire!!

Righteous man liveth forever and I-ver more

A-hahahaha! Yeah! Black Jays (a mi say fiiiiire)

Konvict family stand strong unno rude bwoy!

Heh heh heh heh... (ahhhh!!)

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