Ace Hood - Make It Rain Lyrics

hahahaha do it up!

ok, A to the C to the E to the H
to the double O D that’s me, fuck with it
any nigga move, he can meet that tool.
nigga catch bout 2, tell a fool come get it.
playin wit the motherfuckin games, you lames
So you got a little change you comfortable?
No I don’t fuck 'round, tell a nigga duck down
money going up now, sweep tha flo'

I'ma Make It Rain ho
use to ride a bucket
now I'm pushin' in a Range Rov'
Not 22s, 23s, 24s or 25s
pull up in a flyest ride
26 within its tires
thats just how that i does it
relate to money like cousins
we eat you peep in my pudgin'
I keep the shit a one hundred
your money smaller then wee man
never reaching my wingspan
make the bitches go pecan
nuts for all of this D man
Di-dick em up with that totem pole
knock 'em out like I'm Sammy So
make her mouth and my dick elope
where did all of my semen go?
I done. made it. rain ho
you should. see a. rainbow
wait, where did. all the. time go?
but I don't know her name tho!
you wanna see sumthin
hahaha ahahaha uhhh
hey man
hahaha we the best huh?

you wanna see some ass (i do)
I wanna see some cash (i do)
keep them dollars coming
an thats gon make me dance [3X]
Make it rain trick, make it make it rain trick! [4X]

Ima make it rain, bitch
Ima make it rain, uh [4X]

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Thanks to HARRY for correcting these lyrics
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