YOUNG JEEZY - Nothin Lyrics

Feat. USDA


You see .. in my 87 jeans
Thatís nothing
Got the mother fucker on six
Thatís nothing
.. mother fuckers donít like it do something
The only way to live CTE or nothing

Young .. put it to Ö
Million dollars in the woods
Niggers Tom Sawyer
Got a lot of chips and a whole lot of lawyers
Go get the Ö we got something for you
CTE nigger thatís the end of price
Weíve been stocking out nothing but the green guys
Walk upon your functionalism suit and ties
They hit the black in 87 until the sun rise
I got a pinky ring flow money clip ..
The voice box Ö get your clip for
You saw my neck you saw my chest
You saw my ribs and arms
So thatís the last thing you see
Before I squeeze it all


You say you are getting money nigger
We ainít seen nothing
Problem with the squad I am the first one toughing
Like my nigger .. I keep it one hundred
To eleven in the smile .. running
I need 50 .. for my Chevrolet and Ö
Another day another month fucking dollar
Try to fit it all in my 87 jeans
I was acting for the .. of show .. 70
Smash in a cutter off ÖI got a bitch
Even bader real shit ..
That gangsta lies make room for the underdog
Iím with the business USDA and under bars
Shit gang bitch who are you with?
While you see me induced in Ö
And if you really must know man
CTE for life kill a nigger snow man


Put a lame mouth when I feel like nothing
You niggers getting back over here we are getting money
You know how it looks I know how it smells
GPS .. to the mail
It ainít start to chill .. feel so lucky
.. nigger let me show you how I go
Iíve been tired of your Ö.
I ainít Ö a brick ainít Ö
CTE or nothing .. to the death Ö


Thanks to feel
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