Juicy J - Rattin Azz Lyrics

It’s a matter of time till we drop that dime
Bless you mate
I am fine, I know he lives out of ..
I gonna kill the nigger trying to fuck over mine
Nigger with a … you’re like a …
Switch on me I’m gonna hit it with a …
You niggers wanna … back door ..
I’m gonna fix this problem
Take the gun and shut
Nigger is you waiting cause you sound kind of spooky
Now i burn your ass if you try to copy this


Call the police with your .. ass
I knew you work for them with your … ass
You’re gonna meat a young nigger with a black mask
He might chase you down the block
He might take your cash
But he might take your life and he’s gonna do it fast
You’re gonna meat a young nigger with a black mask

..need somebody to tell them
Trying to get those .. cuts
I’ll be like your time is up
Cash that nigger time is up
Bury that nigger in Pine Bluff,Arkansas
Nigger that’s a warning shut it off
I don’t give a fuck don’t stop at all
.. to the wall.. kill them all
Some nigger think they are so ..can’t fool me
They might face twenty years …


Thanks to feel

Thanks to Kash for correcting these lyrics
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