Dj Short-E - Hot4eva Lyrics

I am in the pub checking pussy getting loose and ..
Hot shit man I like Ö
Everybody knows itís time to get high
Hot4eva in this bitch itís time to shine
My name is short-E and I am in the lab
.. I am the number one Ö in this .. called
Counting the shots signing the checks you can all such my
Everybody knows youíre just a hater and fat
Get my resume bitch and .. stack
.. act up and get into your place
.. forever now you got a new ..
Check my mix bitch this is how I flip- chip
Hot4eva and you know we are in this bitch
Plus we got the hot chicks and we got the new shit


We are hot4eva this is so down
Weíre drinking liquor while we smoke down
Can we holding on the whole town
Ladies weíre you at
If you didnít know then you know now

Is that time again
You know we laugh again
DJ Short-E 4 eva
Drop it man
It donít matter what you drive
Got beef better handle it like ..
Ainít nobody dropping like this
Chilling in the VIP I am popping ..
.. tell it to my pop ..


Thanks to feel
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