Francesca Battistelli - Angel By Your Side Lyrics

I can't say that everything's okay

'Cause I can see the tears you're crying

And I can't promise to take the pain away

But you can know I won't stop trying


I'll be the angel by your side

I will get you through the night

I'll be the strength you can't provide on your own

'Cause when you're down and out of time

And you think you've lost the fight

Let me be the angel

The angel by your side

I know it feels like you're running out of faith

'Cause it's so hard to keep believing

But if I can bring a smile back to your face

If for a moment, you'll forget all about it


'Cause this won't be the last time

You'll need a little hope

But I want to be the first to let you know

Writer(s): Jason Walker, Francesca Battistelli
Copyright: Word Music Llc, Dayspring Music Llc
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Francesca Battistelli Lyrics

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